It’s hard to find a breed happier, friendlier, and fuzzier than the Keeshond. Here is all you need to know about the dog known as The Smiling Dutchman.

In the 17th century, the Keeshond kept Dutch sailors company on barges and boats. Today, the bright and happy Keeshond makes a superb family pet and a loyal companion. Perhaps the gentlest of the spitz family, Keeshonden are notorious for their companionship, intuition and compassion. In fact, Keeshond dogs were kept on hand to comfort firefighters during 9/11. With their naturally friendly and loving disposition, it’s easy to see how the Keeshond breed earned its nickname of “The Smiling Dutchman.”

A true companion dog, the Keeshond will follow you from room to room, eager to participate in all of your family’s adventures. They’re also very vocal, and love to “talk” to their owners! And best of all, their double coat gives them a striking, lion-like appearance that sets Keeshond pups apart from the crowd and makes them the perfect cuddle companion.  

Why We Love the Keeshond Breed

  • Keeshond dogs have the perfect balance of energy — friendly and affectionate, but not overly excitable. But like all dogs, they still require daily walks and exercise for good health.
  • The Keeshond is smart and eager to please! That makes them easy to train and a great match for novice dog owners.
  • If you want a guard dog that’s all bark and no bite, the Keeshond breed is perfect for you. While these pups bark to alert their owners of strangers, Keeshonden are rarely aggressive and are happy to invite guests into your home.
  • These dogs are playful and love to clown around, especially with kids. When you adopt a Keeshond, it’s sure to keep your whole family entertained.

Things to Consider

  • Excited to see you? Ready for breakfast? Startled by a strange noise? These are all occasions for the Keeshond to do its favorite activity: bark. While it’s usually welcoming, keep in mind that these dogs are very vocal.
  • Keeshonden are true companion dogs and are not very independent. They tend to bark and take up destructive behaviors when left alone for long periods of time and do best living indoors with a dedicated owner.
  • Grooming Keeshond dogs’ fluffy double coat is relatively easy, but be prepared for heavy seasonal shedding. Keeshonden “blow” their undercoat twice per year.
  • While these dogs are naturally outgoing, some Keeshonden are prone to timidity. For that reason, they need regular socialization from an early age.

 Why Rescue?

The Keeshond’s fuzzy coat and friendly disposition make it a desirable breed. However, owners who aren’t prepared for the responsibilities of adopting a dog may not be ready for these loyal companions. For that reason, many dogs end up in shelters or abandoned by their owners. Whether you’re searching for a Keeshond puppy or seeking an older companion to adopt, consider looking at Keeshond rescues before turning to breeders or puppy mills. 

Keeshond Rescues

If this kind and cuddly breed is the perfect match for you, there are plenty of Keeshond rescue dogs who would love to be your second shadow. Here are just a few:

Cheerful, loyal & empathetic
Avg. Weight
35 - 45 lbs
Weekly brushing required
Avg. Life Span
12 - 14 Years
Keeshonden near 20149
Animal Rescues near 20149
Organization City, State Contact
Persian Rescue of Virginia
Ashburn, VA
The Cats at Longstreet
Sterling, VA
Save The Tails Rescue Group, Inc.
Leesburg, VA 1 888 379 5558 x1
Humane Society of Loudoun County
Leesburg, VA (703) 777-2912
Little Buddies Adoption and Humane Society
Reston, VA
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