Lhasa Apsos

Vibrant and full of personality, the Lhasa Apso breed will fill your home with joy. Here’s what you need to know about these little guys.

Hailing originally from Tibet, the Lhasa Apso was bred to protect important places in his homeland such as palaces and monasteries. Today, these pups just protect their families and homes and make great fluffy friends.

These guys absolutely love to play and can be a little livewires. Very curious and adventurous, the Lhasa Apso breed is sure to keep you on your toes.

Why We Love the Lhasa Apso Breed

  • Full of courage and independence, Lhasa Apso dogs will be your biggest (little) protectors. These pups aren’t aggressive, but will be sure to sound the alarm if there’s an intruder. 
  • What can we say — they’re adorable! We dare you not to smile when you look into a Lhasa’s cute little face with those bubbly, sparkling eyes. A Lhasa Apso is the perfect friend to come home to on a not-so-good day.
  • This is one of those rare breeds that actually do not need a ton of exercise. Lhasa Apsos appreciate short walks and play sessions, but aren’t overly active and won’t require vigorous daily activity.

Things to Consider

  • That fierce independence means that your Lhasa Apso is focused on pleasing himself and not necessarily you. He certainly has a mind of his own and won’t be afraid to let you know it.
  • The Lhasa Apso breed can fall victim to a hefty Napoleon complex and needs a firm hand and early obedience training. If you don’t let your Lhasa Apso puppy know who’s boss, he’ll think he got the job.
  • Cute, fluffy bodies mean loads of hair to groom. They require quite a bit of brushing, and you’ll most likely want to get them professionally groomed. 

Why Rescue? 

Lhasa Apsos, like many breeds, have been victims of overbreeding and irresponsible breeding. These practices have exacerbated multiple health issues, which often land them in shelters. These problems can include cherry eye, patellar luxation, allergies and sebaceous adenitis among others — many of which are expensive to treat. If you think a Lhasa Apso could be your perfect match, consider helping out a sweet rescue instead of shopping at an irresponsible breeder!

Lhasa Apso Rescues 

Whether you’re looking for a Lhasa Apso puppy or an adult Lhasa Apso dog, there are tons of pups near you just waiting to find their forever home! Here are just a few:

Spunky, bright & protective
Avg. Weight
12 - 15 pounds
Weekly grooming required
Avg. Life Span
12 - 15 Years
Lhasa Apsos near 20149
Animal Rescues near 20149
Organization City, State Contact
Persian Rescue of Virginia
Ashburn, VA emziemer@aim.com
The Cats at Longstreet
Sterling, VA longstreetcats@gmail.com
Save The Tails Rescue Group, Inc.
Leesburg, VA 1 888 379 5558 x1
Humane Society of Loudoun County
Leesburg, VA (703) 777-2912
Little Buddies Adoption and Humane Society
Reston, VA littlebuddies@erols.com
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