Diesel and Conway's Story

Diesel and Conway

Diesel and Conway were found at a gas station in Littleton Colorado were there was lot of cars and trucks. A Guy named Dan and his girlfriend were getting gas when his girlfriend said to Dan "I just saw a dog!" He answered and said honey their is not a dog running loose around a gas station his owners are probably with him.Then she screamed as a pick up truck came around the corner and hit the dog.

Dan quickly rushed over to the dog as she was getting up he tried to grab her but missed and he watched as she went down the ditch and collapsed. Dan and his girlfriend rushed over to were she had collapsed and was shocked when they saw two puppies trying to nurse on their dead mother.

Dan tried to get one of the puppies but both ran inside the sewage drainage ditch.Dan followed them with his girlfriend outside just in case they come out.he followed the puppies until he had to start army crawling.but he kept following them until they suddenly stopped and turned into a different sewage drain that Dan was to big for he turned and left the puppies inside.

Soon as he was outside he asked his girlfriend to get two blankets and a bowl of food from the car....

Long story short after 1 week of trying they finally caught both of them and gave them to the humane society were me and my husband adopted them after we heard of their story we named them Diesel and Conway. They are living happily ever after..

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