Duffy's Story

When I lost my beloved Border Collie to cancer, I needed to fill the hole in my home and my heart, so I visited the local Humane Society. Duffy was a youngster of 1 to 2 years, and reportedly a stray, although he had been neutered. He was such a cutie pie, little did I know that this handsome little guy could wreak havoc every time I tried to leave without him. Suffering from separation anxiety, Duffy was desperate to keep me close by, and when I did manage to get out the door, would proceed to attack the windows and doors in an attempt to follow me. The first two weeks were exasperating for both of us. I searched the internet for answers, trying all the suggestions, like playing specific music designed to calm dogs, calming collars, and the like. Finally, I tried to see the situaion from his perspective, and what would help him to feel more secure and confident. By moving some furniture so he could see out the window, making sure the curtains were always open, and using spray to discourage chewing, he began to feel more secure in his new home. I knew we were home free the day he totally ignored my leaving to concentrate on his Busy Bone. Duffy taught me how to take a step back and take a different view, and I like to think I have carried that into other areas of my life. He is a great delight, a constant source of laughter, and I love him dearly. Despite our bumpy start, I am forever grateful he is part of my family.

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