Ky and Lucy's Story

My husband and I adopted two shelter dogs. Ky was adopted first. We believe he is a Rottweiler/Border Collie mix. He is a cute ball of energy who stole our hearts and is an endless supply of kisses. He chose my husband when we went to look at shelters. Came right up to him, put a paw on each shoulder, and showered him with kisses. He loves to go on walks, play with our other dog, and sometimes just wants nothing more than to cuddle up close to us. He was a year and a half when we brought him home, he was already mostly trained and just needed to learn some of the rules of our house. He is very loving, loyal, and plays nicely with the neighborhood kids, as we expect he will do with his soon to be human sibling. Lucy was adopted a few months after Ky. She is a Doberman mix and was chained outside exclusively before we brought her home. She took a little more work as she was younger, only 8 months old, and hadn't had any training when we brought her home. After some typical housebreaking and training, she is the sweetest, most loving cuddle bug you'd ever want to meet. She can be playful and funny but just knows when you need a lick in the face or a nudge for some cuddles. The most difficult thing with her was introducing her to all the "newness" of being an actual pet instead of being abandoned outside for long periods of time to the point where she had to have her collar surgically removed from her neck because she had grown into it. She had a lot of separation anxiety at first, but we were able to work through that. She is still my little shadow and will follow me all over the house, but I think she knows that I love every second of the company.

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