Webber's Story

I have always loved animals, but due to my job as a flight attendant I always adopted cats. When I could hold turns (that means I could fly a trip and come home the same day) I couldn't wait to adopt a dog.

Having never owned a dog before my friends who had dogs all their lives suggested I adopt a small female dog. I was looking for several months and one day I went into Petsmart for cat food and a new rescue group supporting BARC a city pound animal shelter was there with just a wire fence to contain the several dogs they had for adoption.

They didn't have any small female dogs.

I saw a sad eyed dog with bones protruding from his body. I went to get the cat food and when I passed the animal adoption site again the dog I saw was on the lap of one of the volunteers. My heart melted because I felt so sorry for this emaciated dog.

It took me a while to decide to adopt him because of what my friends suggested. I walked him several times bringing him back undecided. It took me three hours, even drove off to go home, but HE was on my mind. He was in "failure to survive" because he was in the pound for so long. He couldn't be euthanized because that was the deal with the shelter and the rescue group.

Went back and made the best decision of my life. We had a great time together, if you saw me, you saw him. We did all types of training together, basic to agility. I lost my baby 5 weeks ago( he was 13 years old) and every day was a cherished moment.

I have been volunteering for BARC city animal shelter for the past 11 years, hardest volunteer job I have ever had due to the abuse I have seen. But wouldn't have it any other way because when I do a good adoption it makes my day. I also adopted a Chiwienne three years ago that was terribly abused and working through his fears he is a great dog and we trained him to be a therapy dog.. If you want all the love you can handle get one from the pound. Yes, you don't know the past and have to work through the past problems they have experienced, but believe me it will be returned to you 100 times fold.

This is written in memory of the love of my life WEBBER.

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