7/22/13|Submitted by Beth

Blu's Story

Growing up, as an uneducated child would be, I always wanted the typical fluffy, cutesy, tiny puppy that girls think are oh-so- adorable. Before learning of the truth of puppy pills & pet stores, my mother was quick to allow me to have one. All of the dogs we purchased from these places over the years had an abundance of health issues, social problems, and there was never the infamous bond between owner and dog. My family always loved the dog we got, just never in the essence of true dog friendship.

After 7-8 years of having one of these pet store puppies, we finally laid our fluffy friend to rest (also known as Buddy). It was truly heartbreaking. It was time to take a break from having pets. We hadn't had much luck in choosing the right one for our family. Years went by, things changed, houses changed, I grew into an adult, but my desire to have a pet just kept growing stronger and stronger.

I researched pets from large breeds to small trying to find that one "perfect" dog for me. Living an apartment can hold a lot of restrictions so I was becoming discouraged in my efforts. One day, I saw a picture on Facebook (of all places) shared by the local Human Society of this ONE puppy, curled up, adorable as could be. My heart sank, I left a comment on the picture asking what breed mix and any information.

The normal work day went on and I couldn't stop thinking about this ONE picture. The foster parent of this puppy 'poked' me on Facebook to let me know she had responded (which somehow I didn't say)...and Oh, am I SO glad she did. I messaged her back and forth.

That very night, she brought over two puppies, Cody & Calvin. My mother adored Calvin but Cody was the one in the picture. I was IN LOVE but did not want to make an irrational decision. The following day was adoption day at the local PetSmart. We were so worried I may lose him if I didn't get there in time. My mother went before me and before I knew it, he was OURS!

He is 64 pounds of crazy. He was absolutely not the 'perfect' dog I was looking for but he is absolutely PERFECT for me. I made a promise to him that no matter what, I would never give up on him. He ended up saving me. Blu is his name now.