9/13/14|Submitted by juanita and mark scott

sadie and lady peanut's Story

we have a wonderfull rottie naned rocky had him from eights old he is so smart and funny with a big heart.then we heard about sadie her owers was goiny take to put her asleep and we heard about it went and got her .Then lady she is a rottie sheewas caged and not feed and not feed she was skinny and only weighed 55 pounds at two years old .our rocky weighted that 5 mouths so i new she was under weight.We had her 3 weeks with love and food she gained 55 ibs .Shes very sweet and fat she about 125 lbs now. Then we heard about a yorkie named peanut and he was goiny to the dog pound and we went and got him .We are one big happy family now.People say that dogs are lucky to have a nice My husband and I say we are lucky to have THEN. They are loved very very much resue dogs are the very best .I think they know you are there to help then and love them very much .I tell people to resue them over buying then because dogs are only money to people and dogs are not treatedwell at all.We love our babies.Mark and juanita Scott