4/26/20|Submitted by Katherine Taylor

Mickey's Story

My family actually got him in a pet shop. He was in a small cage with a German Shepard puppy. We were told he was an Australian Shepard. He did not look it. Unfortunately, he passed away recently. We took it upon ourselves to find out what type of dog he was. We searched until we found what is called a flat-coated retriever. They looked exactly like him. We found that flat-coated retrievers are considered a type of lab and are put down at an early age because they aren’t the breed standard. This hurts our hearts as he was the best dog we’ve had. We are trying to spread awareness of this horrible deed. Breeders will put down a long-haired lab puppy and cover it up. They keep it quiet because they can not register a long-haired lab with the AKC. Please spread the word about these gorgeous pups.