9/18/15|Submitted by Courtney

Vegas's Story

I didn't expect to get a new dog last January. I was sparing time at Petsmart and saw they added the new humane society adoption center inside. Being the dog lover I am I made my boyfriend go in with me. The minute we walked in that door, I knew we weren't leaving empty-handed. The cage looked empty at first, until we got close and a very under weight terrified dog used all his might to crawl up and jump on the front gate. I've grown up with chocolate labs, happy go lucky dogs. This one was different, he had given up. He was a 35 pound 4 year old chocolate lab mix.

He's the sweetest boy I've ever met. I gathered up what I had left of my graduation money and got ready to bring him home, no second thoughts. We connected right away. These dogs know you're saving them and for that they dedicate the rest of their lives to please you. He's taught me more than any other experiences in my entire life, from patience to forgiveness. Coming up on a year Vegas is the best dog I've ever had. He has some things that remind me that he does have a sad past but everyday I try my best to help him be as happy as he possibly can be! After bringing him into my own family I will adopt every dog in the future. He's my bestfriend.