9/14/19|Submitted by Theresa

Ladybird and Keiko's Story

I have had collies most of my life bought from a breeder. Love them all. When I lost my last collie of nose cancer, I decided to walk to reduce the pain I felt, but as I walked around the park for several weeks I noticed that there were a lot of homeless dogs. It bothered me so much, I would if I could take them home and either keep them or find them a new home. Then one day my mother in law told me of a puppy that was tied up to the light pole and was being abused by kids. I felt sick...I got the pup and brought it to the doctor. She was in bad shape. Doc gave her some meds and my family gave her love for 15 years until she passed away 6 years ago. My family and I wanted another dog so we decided to rescue two pitbulls from the pound. Today they are healthy and happy. The best feeling in the world is when you save a life. I will continue to rescue dogs for so long as I live. Please consider rescuing these poor dogs (any breeds), you won't regret it❣❣❣❣