6/11/13|Submitted by Jan Ebner

Aly (short for Alyeska) which is in Alaska's Story

When we lost our Abby due to cancer we decided to wait at least a year to get another dog. This did not happen because within 6 months I found a dog from labsforrescue site. We went through the process and picked her up from a transfer from the south. She was 6 months old at the time. She absolutely hated my husband and would always growl at him and at one point almost attacked him. It was heartbreaking for the both of us and I called the rescue and discussed with them about returning her. They said they would but asked if we could foster her until they could find another home cause she had been pushed around so much already. (we were the 4th place for her to go since birth). I told my husband about the fostering and it tore him up. He said "lets give her one more chance". Oh boy are we glad we did. That all happened 7 years ago and she is the second best dog we have ever had. Her and my husband have no issues whatsoever and she just whines when I say her father is coming home. She just can not get enough of him. She still has issues with men but ones we have learned to handle and so has she. RESCUE IS MY FAVORITE BREED.