5/9/14|Submitted by Jerry Barker

Rusty's Story

Four weeks ago we lost Annabelle and several days later I wrote her story on here. All three of us said at the time we didn't want another dog.

Well, yesterday we brought home a seven month old ball of energy in the form of Rusty from the Stockton CA SPCA shelter. We are not sure what Rusty is other than 100% purebred mutt. He looks like a miniature Golden Retriever though.

He had been found wandering the streets of Stockton as a puppy in January and as cute as he is, no one had adopted him. Anna passed away in a corner of our yard. When we brought Rusty home, I went out to the backyard with him, and that is the first spot he went too. After sniffing around he came straight back and started licking my hand.

I don't think you find a dog (or cat) so much as they find a human that needs them. It has been so much the last 24 hours watching Rusty get used to his new surroundings.