2/19/13|Submitted by Rick Clark

Bandit's Story

On a sunny Saturday morning in September, 2003, we had to put our collie to sleep. As we were driving home, I said to my wife that I did not want to go to bed that night without a dog. She had seen the week before a boarder collie/english setter mix at the local humane society. Well by 3:00 that afternoon we adopted Bandit. He has been a wonderful companion. He has given us more love than we have given him. His time is drawing to and end. His hip joints are not allowing him to enjoy the life he knew. We have made a pledge to him to give him the same dignity we showed our collie. He still has a spark in his eye. He may have slowed, but has not stopped. We are so happy we adopted a dog. We are going to adopt a rescue collie for the next dog.