4/20/14|Submitted by Tom Byrne

Baylee's Story

In 2000, my girlfriend and I got a house in Savannah, Mo. and got a mixed Choc. Lab for a daughter, she was just weaned.

About 3yrs. later I had a friend that had a Shepherd that had been abused and I brought her home ( she was about 3yrs. old at that time eventually fit in with Savannah, our Lab. Kaydee and Savannah became sisters.

My girlfriend SAVED a black mixed Lab from certain death and brought her home (4yrs old) For the next 11yrs. they all were together happy and got along great together.

On March 22, we had to put down Kaydee, and on March 29th had to put down Savannah, then on March 30th my sister died. My girlfriend, I and Zoe (the other Black Lab mix) that we rescued were so down, depressed etc. I went to St. Joe's animal shelter and got another Black Lab mix which brought life back to our home.

All is well now.

Pets are like children, and anyone that does not believe that has never had one. It is unconditional love. I would die for ours as I know they would for us. They are like children: they grow up the way they are raised. I love all of ours and would do it again if needed. Had one in Viet Nam and they will always LOVE you.