6/19/13|Submitted by Laura Wilson

Billy, Shiloh and Tiny's Story

I have 3 Yorkies that are rescued from the Amish Puppy Mills. The first one was Billy a starving terrified skeleton of a dog. He is now normal adjusted and is the center of my world. My life changed forever on that day. I had never heard of an Amish puppy mill. I assumed they were the god like people we are told they are.. The joy of your first kiss, the first tail wag, the first time playing with a toy is unbelievable. Now I have 3 mill rescue yorkies. They all were staving and terrified little skeletons...now they play together and have a perfect Furever home. Mommy is a spoiled Yorkie mom if that tells you anything. I now work with a Mill Dog Rescue organization called Breeder Release Adoption Service... www.breederadaptions.org My world is complete now.. never to be the same..