1/4/13|Submitted by Brett Snyder

Braveheart's Story

When Braveheart first trotted into our lives, we hadn’t planned to adopt a dog. The shelter he was at was getting over-crowded so we agreed to take Braveheart in for a few weeks as a foster until we could find him the right home. We should have known that once he curled up on the couch and drooped his big head on my lap, we’d never be able to let him go.

I had grown up with breeder dogs so admittedly I was tentative at first about adopting a rescue. I had it in my head that a rescue dog would have behavioral issues and wouldn’t be as affectionate. I couldn’t have been more wrong. He was sweet and loving and wanted nothing more than to be a part of our family. For the first few weeks we almost didn’t want to leave the apartment because he looked so terrified at being left behind again (before he came to us he had been picked on the street after a former family simply kicked him out of the car).

Braveheart truly changed our lives and my personal perception of rescue animals forever. Additionally, after meeting Braveheart, my parents adopted their first rescue dog after two decades of using a breeder. He has had a profound impact on our lives and I know that once the time comes to get him a sister, our next rescue will bring the same level of love and affection to our little family.