2/12/13|Submitted by Kathy

Bubba and Bertha's Story

We were heart broken when our family dog of 17+ years passed on .Our 3 year old Lab was missing him as much as we were.. After a few months I began scanning thru pet finder,and 1 day I came upon this adorable little guy that was the spitting image of our dog that passed..He had come up from Ky and was at a shelter close to us called 4paws4u4ever.I made an apt and the family including our lab went to meet him.He was scared but at same time really bonding with our lab,after an hour of playing with him we decided he was the 1 for us..I knew taking on a 4 month old would be alot of work,but I somehow felt my elder dog had put us together.He is now a very happy 3 year old and has brought us so much joy..Last summer I received an email from the shelter,they needed foster homes for many puppies that had been dumped in parking lots as a result of katrina.I felt this would be a great way to help out this shelter that had given us such joy.So I became a foster mom to 4 puppies and Bubba our rescue was an awesome big brother!! He nurtured them,played with them,kept them in line.1 of the pups ,a fluffy female we named big Bertha was inseparable with Bubba from day 1.We grew to love all those furkids and ended up adopting Bertha,the other s got adopted out as well.Shelter dogs are a very forgiving breed of their own,it takes time to gain trust but so well worth it.Here are my 2 Happy rescues.. Bertha is the red 1