10/3/14|Submitted by Marnie

Charlie and Chester's Story

I'd suffered from depression and insomnia for 6 years when I decided to adopt a furry friend to help alleviate the loneliness and isolation my illness had caused - and, fittingly, a dog who'd also had a rough time seemed the perfect choice. After months of searching for a dog who would fit in with my needs and the other animals I already lived with, I happened across Charlie and Chester at a local rescue centre with a fairly negative reputation. Within a week I had taken them home and begun settling them into their new life. I've now had them for 6 weeks and have had only a few sleepless nights with them sharing my bed. Charlie quickly proved himself to be incredibly smart and aware of my mood and is now being trained to be a service dog - including learning to remind me to take my medication and guiding me home in case lack of sleep takes it's toll. These two furry balls of joy have completely changed my life and given me a confidence I haven't felt in years. Chester, who wants to love everyone he meets, has made me several new friends, whilst Charlie follows my every move and picks up on cues to comfort me before I even realise I need him to. All three of us have come a long way from the dejected, bedraggled state we were in when we first met. Here is a picture of Charlie looking for his collar, trying to tell me that it's time for his walk. I hope that the incredible impact these two dogs have had on my life can inspire other people to consider rescuing a dog and providing a loving home for more of these amazing creatures.