9/6/14|Submitted by vikki

Chubby's Story

On Valentines Day, 2010 (shortly after losing one dog and anticipating another soon) we saw one of those flyers on a store wall with the pull off phone number tags, advertising "beagles"for sale. We already had one at home and love their temperament. I know they were bread to hunt rabbits and are still often kept out in small cages year round for this purpose, but cannot understand after spending any time with this breed how anyone with a heart could do so.

Both beagles we have had in our family spend alot of time under blankets, ironically.

So we call and go "JUST TO LOOK" and there are 2 beagle pups caged outside in the snow. They are a less common bread, called a "tall beagle", which grow to 15 inches, seeming to be the only difference to their shorter, chunkier cousins.

They were both some of the most beautiful pups I'd seen and when my Fiance handed "chubby" to me he me melted in my arms and my heart. He is now 4, sleeps with me under cover every night. I love him like family as many of us do. I know we rescued him and my only regret is that we didnt take his little brother that i hope got lucky too.

A final footnote, the elderly beagle. "Baby" we had when we brought him home, was able to show him the ropes: how to make those ears cock just enough to get anything, how to make a perfect bed and how to bark like a hound before she passed about 8 months later.