2/10/14|Submitted by Jim David

Clu and Bleu's Story

I was about 23 when I finally moved out of my apartment. I got a trailer house with three bedrooms, one bathroom and a fenced in yard, all to myself. But as soon as I moved in, I found out that the trailer park was a retirement trailer park that helps seniors and handicapped people like the deaf and blinded. I made a few friends in the neighborhood, but they usually stayed home. It's not like I could say, "Wanna play basketball?" and I would get a yes.

So the months passed and I became a couch potato. My sister visited me often and suggested I get a pet  or something that will give me more company and exercise. But in my couch potato stage, I said no thanks. However, after she left, I started rethinking what my sister and thought that maybe she wass right. Maybe I should get a pet. Maybe even a dog!

So, after calling a few Humane Societies around my area, I went and sawa number of dogs, but none were my forever keeps. They were either too big or too little, not the size I was looking for. What I was looking for was a dog who was big, but not too big, and little, but not too little. I was just about to give up when they mentioned a foster family that had rescue dogs and maybe you should give them a call.

I made plans to visit them the next day. They showed me the perfect dog. Bleu. But they said Bleu had a brother named Clueless who hates to leave his brother's side. If I wanted to no  adopt Bleu I had to adopt Clueless, too. I said yes to both of them.

Before I left the foster family, I asked if they knew the breeds of the dogs and I got the funniest answer. Bleu is a Siberian Chowsky, a mix between a Siberian husky and a Chow Chow I think Bleu looks more of a husky then his brother Clueless (or Clu) who looks a lot more like a Chow Chow. They both look red to me, though! THE END!