2/18/13|Submitted by Sabrina

Dude's Story

We had just lost our beloved GSD Freyja weeks before and my daughter, whose dog Freyja was, and hub were beside themselves with heartbreak. I had grown up with GSDs and said that I intended to have another when they were ready. Enter "Toulah and The Dude"! They had been left tied to a post near a church for 3 days. A wonderful lady who runs Woods Rescue" took them in, got them to the vet and we found them mere days later and brought them home. Toulah because she was black/tan and looked like Freyja was the first to catch my hubs eye and my daughter HAD to have her...her soul cried out to her and E could not turn away. So we took her home. The rest of the night my hub kepp saying he had really liked that "big white dog" that had been found with Toulah. So eventually, it was actually mere hours, we called Woods and he was still there. and then we had two and I wouldn't trade them for anything