12/8/13|Submitted by Emily

Elvis 's Story

About 5 years ago my family met the 4 paws that now is the puppy love that made the best impact on our lives. His name is Elvis. He's the Chihuahua love our house needed. We came across him in the newspaper from a rescue . Not expecting what we had seen when we went to meet the little Guy.

He had been so skinny his bones were visible and he had clearly. Been abused physically and mentally. He didn't want anything to do with us the first time. Several people turned him down and walked away because they thought he was too aggressive. He didn't know how to trust humans or how to love. But we knew we found the baby we wanted.

It took 2 more visits before we got to take him home. But successfully we did. When he finally got home he was so scared. We just gave him all the time he needed.

Soon enough he started slowly but surely coming around. It took a ton of TLC to get him happy with the change.

But today little Elvis is the PERFECT dog. He is now very loved. And very fed! We love hearing the pitter patter of his little paws through out the house every day. And we wouldn't change it for anything. ALL RESCUES NEED IS A SECOND CHANCE!!! And Elvis got his. :)