1/26/13|Submitted by Heather Garvey

Harley-doo's Story

Harley came to me two months after loosing Ruby-doo. Like Ruby she was a shelter dog. Harley was found with 3 other microchiped pitbulls all spayed and neutered. But no one came. I was in love with her upon first site. She had the personality of my beloved Ruby. Harley was different from her friends that she arrived with for she was blind. She was a special needs dog and in many cases they are not considered adoptable by the general puplic. Lucky for me and her I was a shelter worker and was able to adopt her. With my boyfriends help as he was the one who adopted her for me for Christmas. ( I got a Harley for Christmas) She moved in with us and fit in with the family perfectly. She is an amzing being she has no idea that she is any difffernet to the other dogs and moves through the world without fear. I miss my Ruby -doo but Harley is making her own paw prints on my heart. I have been blessed to have both these beautiful dogs as my friend and companion. Shelter animals can be some of the best pets anyone could ever have. I will only adopt a rescue pet.