2/19/13|Submitted by Lona & Brian

Jen's Story

We found Jen after she had been at the pound three times before she became my forever dog. We had been looking for a dog and one day came upon a dog who was just enamored with Brian. She watched him walk by with her big puppy eyes and sold him on her. We heard her story upon her adoption. Jen had arrived as a 3 month old street puppy at the humane society. After she had been adopted fro a few years, in the middle of the night a friend had taken her from her owners house and dropped her at the pound because they couldn't care for her anymore. The were not home when it happened because they were heartbroken but I'm sure that was scary. She was adopted soon after that, only to return a month later when these owners were somewhat irresponsible. They made claims about her not being potty trained (she was left alone 16 hours a day) and not liking cats (this is not even close to true). We were lucky enough to come upon her on a Super Bowl Sunday when we were actually looking at another dog. Her sweet face, intense interest and kind demeanor had us and we took her some that day. Having her has done more than just made us happy. She has helped me with my sadness, anger and impatience and taught me how to love and laugh after I had a rough childhood. I am convinced I didn't save her. She saved me.