12/12/12|Submitted by Dawn Murphy

Linus & Leopold's Story

Both of my 'boys' are rescue dogs - both were on death row when volunteer run organizations came to their rescue. In turn, I adopted them. Linus (on right in the photo) is a 12lb yorkiton (Yorki - Coton de Tulere mix) who was literally discarded from a puppy mill in MO. I found him at 6months old via PetFinders. He was in the care of a small dog rescue called Halfway Home. Halfway Home operates in the Springfield, MO. area where puppy mills are notorious. The mills simply drop dogs off at the pound when they are not deemed 'sell-able'; not pure bred. When Halfway got him he was so matted that all of his hair had to be shaved off - which is how he was when he came home to me. Imagine my delightful surprise when his beautiful silky coat filled in.

A year later I decided he needed a playmate and I found Leo (a 14lb wire fox terrier - poodle mix). Leo had been wandering the streets and was picked up by animal control and rescued to a foster home by the volunteer 'angels' at Florida Little Dog Rescue. When I saw his photograph from animal control I cried. He looked like Eyore, huddled into a corner with in head hanging down. Both of these darlings have the sweetest nature, and are perfectly healthy. Linus accepted Leo immediately. It's such fun to watch them play all day and cuddle together.

My home is always filled with joy due to their loving energy. If you have love and time to offer and can afford the proper care, please consider adoption.