12/17/12|Submitted by Timothy Wirth

Lucky's Story

I started to volunteer at the aspca in frederiscksburg texas in 2003. I wanted to work with the abused dogs... so I went to a dog named lucky. He was in a outside kennel during the day,,, I started by just talking to him outside the kennel,, walking all around it.. I came back everyday for awhile dooing that. Then I went inside the kennel and just sat beside him and petted him and talked to him for along time,, I did this for many days. I eventually deceded to adopt lucky and took him home. Little did I know that he was full of fear,, he would bury his head in the couch corner,,, and only pop out when I called his name and them went back into the corner. It took a long time to get him to trust me and to know that I wouldnt hurt him like he was before, someone took a spade and hit his spine with it and caused severe wounds. That was 10 years ago, We are now in Michigan and living a wonderful life,,, we did need to treat him for heartworm as soon as I got him to Michigan,,which was a total success. I love him so very very much,,,, we are a good team of suriving trauma together.