3/24/14|Submitted by Dr. B.L. Hayes

Mattiehayes's Story

After sending across the RAINBOW BRIDGE my 13 year old Schnauzer, Margie, I determined that she would be my "one and only" until one morning I found myself walking through our local animal shelter where I discovered an 8-month-young SCHNAUZER X; "Pumpkin" adopted me.

I had her groomed by Margie's former groomer and everyone was WOWED! That is a Shelter/Resuce Dog!

I renamed her for my grandmother, Martha Mattie Hayes, and she has been my companion for these seemingly short 11 years.

Recently, my apartment complex Doggie Area gave her/themselves a Birthday Party; 12- four leggeds came for doggie treats, wearing their bandanas a neighbor/friend and I had made for them; owners enjoyed cake, shaped and frosted like a doggie paw.

Now, Mattie is lying in the sunshine of our Spring morning, content to stay by my side, both in mutual adoration!~