2/14/13|Submitted by larry & Pam Quigley

Missy's Story

We were wintering in Yuma az,with our 9 yr old Bicshon. We had her from a pup,but from 2 yrs on she started having lots of serious health problems. We did everything we could,but she was suffering,we decided she deserved better,so we had her sent to Rainbow Bridge.It hurt real bad.. Well, as days passed,we decided to wait until we went back to Idaho to adopt. But I needed my dog fix,so I started going to Humane society to visit,share some time & love,& get some back. Wife decided she wanted to one day. We walked in, Missy was there saying pick me,pick me,looked really bad from neglect,but stole our hearts.We adopted her,our lives changed as did hers. It was the best thing we ever did! It's like everyday she thanks us for picking her & giving her some love that she had never had. I think it is mutual because we are all so in love.. Now we volunteer at Humane society to share love & help others find a loving home, We are truely blessed,,,, The picture I'm including is after her hair grew out & all matts were removed,,took several months,she was a mess,,now as beautiful outside as she is inside. & I think she likes her new home? Adopting is the only way to go!