2/20/13|Submitted by Sheila Selby

Molly & Tonto's Story

In June 2010 my chihuahua, Luci, passed away. We still had our old dog, Fred (who is also a rescue that we have had for 12 years) and I really wasn't looking to adopt, yet. A friend lost her pit bull puppy to cancer and in August 2010 I was looking on PetFinder for pit bull puppies for her. A picture of Molly (black & tan dog) and one of her brothers caught my eye and I knew I had to have her. It was a Saturday, and I called the Huachuca City Animal Shelter to make sure she was still available and drove an hour to pick her up. The shelter told us she was 7 weeks old at the time, and she is now 2 years old.. Molly has grown into a beautiful girl and she is my love. She is smart, with a quirky personality, loves her dog buddies Tonto and Fred, her cat siblings, and last but not least, her chickens. Her special spot is on the back of the couch with her head on my shoulder. She loves playing ball and frisby and hanging out with me in the garden. I am so glad we found Molly, it was meant to be . She has enriched my life so much. My husband and son found Tonto (red dog) while on a fishing trip in December 2010. For several days he was running around the mountains where they were camped, but he wouldn't get close. It was really cold and they were worried about him. My son and Molly took some dog food up to the area they had seen him hanging around and once he saw Molly, he relaxed and didn't run away and he followed them back to camp. He was emaciated and terrified; his feet were shredded from the icy rocks he was running around on. Although we really were not looking to adopt another dog, after we had no responses to the "lost dog" notices we put up or from the shelters in the area he was found, we realized we had another family member. Our vet told us he was about a year old at the time., and that except for his feet and being really skinny, he was healthy. Tonto is a goof and thinks he is a small dog, always wanting to get into your lap. He adores my husband and, of course, Molly., and he gets along great with the cats and chickens. We are so glad we were able to give him a forever home. Fred (not pictured) is our very special, very large old man. We rescued Fred in 1999 as a 6-month old puppy. He has been a joy to have and, now in his twilight years, he has just become more lovable. He just "moseys" around and keeps things in line. There is not a mean bone in Fred and he loves all people and animals. When he is basking in the sun, the hens will curl up next to him to do their "dusting". He has given us many happy years and we hope to have him with us for many more. We are blessed to have our rescue pets; you could not ask for any more love or appreciation. Our pets have rescued us in more ways that I can count. Please consider rescuing a pet.