1/30/14|Submitted by Forrest Wood Jr

Sophie's Story

We had three dogs. One died several months ago. Had never had a rescue dog but decided it was time. Spent a week or so checking the net and finally found one we wanted. Filled out an application but were turned down because we did not have a fence.

Kept looking till we found Sophie and submitted another application to a different rescue group. At first they were reluctant due to our age, but after they talked to our vet of 30+ years they gave us tentative approval.

We met Sophie, took her home, she bonded well with our other two dog and us. So we are now a happy family. Sophie was found wandering around a gas station. She was not long in the adoption home before we got her. Sophie and one of our dogs play constantly, tugging and mouthing. Love to just sit and watch.

So happy to be able to give such a loving dog a forever home.