2/25/14|Submitted by Michelle Williams

Olive's Story

I have always been an animal lover as well as a pet spoiler. I was heartbroken when my childhood dog had to be put down at age 12 due to having lost her ability to walk and see among numerous other ailments. Not too long after, one of my two dogs, a chihuaua that my husband had found wandering in a parking lot as a tiny pup 5 years before died of cancer.

I played with the idea of gettin another dog from the shelter but didnt have any definate plans. I took my 2 year old daughter to the shelter with me to check out some dogs. I had decided I wanted to find an adult dog to give him/her a second chance at life.

After taking numerous dogs outside for play dates I was exhausted and thinking maybe I would just get a puppy. I was walking back to the adoption office when she wagged her tail at me and cocked her head sideways. And in that moment I just knew.

I was told she was some type of black lab mix, 3 years old, came in from an emergency vet due to appearing to have been hit by a car. She was to be euthanized in 3 days. But instead she came home with me the next day.

I have never met a more loving, patient and crazy dog. It warms my heart to see her take such joy in simple pleasures that seem new to her- playing in sprinklers, getting a dog treat, playing with the kids (human and fur!). It also breaks my heart to see how fearful she is of being left behind - no matter what room you are in she has to be within an arms reach at all times.

I am grateful that she found me that day..and I hope we are able to bring her as much joy as she brings us!