12/17/12|Submitted by Misty Weiner

Paige's Story

We had to put down our other dog due to septic uterus last year during the time I was getting ready to go back to college and didn't want to come home to a dogless-home. When we first found out about Paige, we were told she was a husky-lab mix but when we got to the shelter we were told she was a German Shepard-lab mix. What she really was was a German Shepard-husky-lab mix and she is very hyper-active and this was something we didn't want but we couldn't say no to those sad eye saying "please give me a home and love me" and that's exactly what we did but it didn't stop us from wondering why no one has taken our puppy home till now. It wasn't for some time before we found out why. She was a runt and her previous owners just left her at the fair grounds and she wouldn't be the last to be left there.. It's been a rough first year, we thought we would lose her when no one could figure out what was wrong when she had tape worm and a blockage as well as the times when she would do something that would upset us but would remind us why we took her with just a tilt of her puppy-faced face and the bright eyes saying "I love you". We are both so happy to have her playfulness in our lives that we don't' know what to do if we ever lost her.