3/17/13|Submitted by Sharon Kurtz

Panda, Mugsy and Skittles's Story

My three beautiful babies all came from a shelter in Paris, Kentucky. As a volunteer with a local rescue, this is one of the shelters that they pull from. I saw thier beautiful faces and knoew theywere menat to be with us. Being an animal lover (and having these three girls, 12 cats and 3 birds {all rescues}) has givine my husband and I the greatest joy. Our children and grandchildren all love to see the happy faces as they come off a transport to begin their new lives. These girls were all throw aways by their families. Either picked up on the streets and the owners did not want them back or turned in by their owner. Mugsy came with demodex mange and and awful urinary tract infection. Two were emaciated. But their unending love never ends. We are so grateful that they decided to share their lives with us. We would encourage everyone to adopt a shelter pet. Rescues are the absolute best!