12/18/12|Submitted by Debi Kaluhiokalani

Peaches, Georgia, Jasmine's Story

I had to put down my daschund/ jack russell (jasper was 5 1/2). He severed his spine from a severe fall. We tried everything to help, but nothing helped. Then i first found Peaches in a shelter in st. louis mo, so i adopted her (she was 3 mo old). She has been my companion for 3 1/2 (she is a mix). Then I found a chihuahua puppy (3 mo old) in dumpster ( jasmine, she is now 1 1/2). Peaches raised jasmine from a puppy. Then I have Georgia (brindel boston terrier age?) The owner was going to destroy her, so i adopted her. She was so timid. If you or the other dogs made a move, she would duck & run and hide. Georgia has been with me for 1 year. Now she plays with me & the other 2 dogs. We go over to a friends house & I let them run on a 23 acres. They play so good together. I really enjoy watching them run & play together. I plan to adopt another shelter dog next year.