2/6/13|Submitted by Adrianna

Precious's Story

I saw her picture on a SPCA site. She is a pekinese but her eyes were those of a terrified animal. I waited because I was not planning to get a dog till I was done renovating my home but fate stepped in.I decided to see if she was still at the shelter, sure she was not, so I stopped in and there she was. She was a senior ( i had decided to adopt only seniors as I am one myself). I couldn't use cost as they (SPCA) had a "Seniors for Seniors" program. No FEE. It has been a few months and she no longer cowers in the corner. She now barks and plays. Oh, did I say she brought home a cat she has bonded with?. A dirty flea encrusted creature. I really wasn't sure what colors he was. He is ginger and cream. Scamp and she are the best of friends and I am happier than I have been. My home is great even if the renovation has fallen behind. Like has been said before, I don't know who rescued who but we are all happier as a result.