2/13/13|Submitted by Dianne Slater

Quinn's Story

We had to say goodbye to our lovely Misty, aged 14, just before Christmas. Misty was a rescue dog and so, in her memory, we started looking for another rescue dog. Dillon, our 4 year old black lab needed someone to play with as he had put on a few pounds because poor Misty couldn't walk far or fast. We thought we would look for another black lab and were lucky enough to spot 2 in a rescue centre in Whitby, 2 hours away from where we live. We made the appointment and when we got there we were introduced to 3 black labs. We took them for walks with our dog Dillon, but something wasn't quite right. Then I spotted a little pup quivering in the snow and asked if we could take her for a walk. She was a brindle Plott hound of about 7 months old. Well, her and Dillon got on like a house on fire and she snuggled up to him on the walk. She's the one!! Su the rescue centre owner couldn't believe we chose her. She's been with us for 7 weeks now and is a joy to watch. Dillon and Quinn are inseperable and Dillon has got his figure back too!! Quinn is still timid with strangers, but judging by the fact that she was in a high kill centre in the US before Su rescued her, I think she is doing marvelous. And yes.....Quinn made the mess.