12/26/13|Submitted by Sandy H.

Remington's Story

My name is Remington. I was found wondering the street,scared,malnourshed and severely matted by Animal care and control. I was only 1 year old.

They put me in a cage,surrounded by the voices of other scared dogs. I became more scared and retreated to the back of my cage. No one wanted a filthy,matted and scared poodle mix. I was passed over day by day. I was put on the e list( to be euthanized) because no one wanted me.

Then when all hope seemed lost,"Home Fur Good Rescue" came to my rescue. They saved me,bathed me,gave me my vaccines and neutered me. They showed me the first kindness i had know in a long time. They put my picture and video on the web site. I was so skinny my bone protruded. I hardly looked like a poodle.

But someone saw my potential,saw past the skinny and scared poodle mix and adopted me the day she came to see me. My eyes told her I needed her. I was adopted Nov. 27th 2012. Slowly we learned about each other and I learned to trust my new person. See was kind and very patient,good food,treats and toys. I didn't even know what toys were.

I now have 2 big beds and a couch to sleep on. I've learned 17 commands,gained 7lbs and have a new hair cut. I am very handsome apricot poodle. I've learned toys are fun and my person loves playing with me and teaching me new commands. ( I am not very good at stay yet as I don't like being to far from my person,but I am learning slowly,but I am very good at the command to come). I am not scared any more and guard my yard form cats. New things still make me nervious but my person,Sandy is always patient.

I have a forever home and a new family that loves and cares about me. I am a lucky poodle and my person Sandy says she is lucky too. ( my before and my 2 after pics) Thanks for seeing my potential and I hope you will PLEASE take a chance on rescue pet when you are looking for a new friend. With kindness,patients,love,consistancy with rules a rescue pet will become a great family member.

Please don't over look senior animals as they still have alot of love to give.