1/23/13|Submitted by Heather Garvey

Ruby-doo's Story

I am a shelter worker and in 2004 my duties were to asscess the temperment of new arrival dogs. This story is not how I saved her but how we saved each other. I at this time I was not a fan of the bully breed(Pit Bulls). A young adult un-altered yellow lab came in . He passed and so I put him in with another dog to see how he would do. Ruby was a spayed female age 6. The lab keep mounting her I told him to stop he took exception to this and charged me. Ruby put her self between him and myself barked a pushed him away. I ran and managed to get away. I later learned he was turned in for just that . (any time he was corrected he would attack. He had a record and that info was not given at the time of his arrival. From that point on anytime I walked by the kennel Ruby push the lab to the back of the kennel away from me. I did not know Ruby and I was not the one to asscess her. She choose me. I looked into her back ground and found that she had been tied up most of her life in a back yard and the owner could not afford to keep her any longer. I sitll did not want a "Pit Bull". She continued up for adoption until she developed a cyst on her front foot. This was not a "No-Kill" shelter. A co-worker told me that she was marked for euthanasia. I had to make a choice to let her go or take her home. She kept me from harm and now its my turn. I had cats and other dogs. I was worried about them. I took a chance brought her home . She turned out the the best thing I ever did. She loved the cats, dogs and even the birds(who broke out of the enclosure to eat in her food dish). Her loyalty to me went beyond anything i deserved . I was blessed to have her in my life until Oct. 11,2012 when this beautiful being had to leave me to go to her next life. She tought me unconditional love, loyalty and that " Pit Bulls" are wonderful dogs. For Christmas I got a "Harley" a 94lbs Blind American Bulldog my better half adopted for me. She has Ruby's heart/personality. I plan on never being without a bully breed again. Thanks to Ruby and her amazing love.