12/10/12|Submitted by Jill Kurtz

Rudy's Story

After spending my first six years as a breeding dog in Iowa, living in a cage and trying to escape every chance I got, As Good as Gold came to the rescue! In November 2009, they drove up and freed me and four of my family mem- bers from that life and things have been great ever since. They found out I was heartworm positive. I stayed in a won- derful foster home so I could be treated AND learn how to actually behave in a home. I showed them a few tricks too, like how to escape from a crate, steal shoes and swipe food. They were so patient with me and even took me to meet and greets where I met lots of people who seemed to really like me. They said I had “charisma.” I think that’s a good thing. And then one day, a beautiful golden girl named Roxy came to meet me. She was something special! She had already rejected one potential suitor, so I had to be on my very best behavior. And guess what? All my foster family’s hard work paid off. Roxy LIKED me and I got to go home with her and her family! We get to run around in the yard every day and play with squeaky toys, including my favor- ite sheep that says “baaa!” They even gave me a new name: Rudy. You know what else? The other four dogs that were rescued that day in November have all found wonderful homes too. We’re so lucky!