12/12/12|Submitted by Stephanie

Saffron and Fitz's Story

Both our babies are rescue dogs, and our home would be considerably less bright without our rescue babies as part of our family. Both came from an adoption day at a local pet supply store, about a year apart from each other. In both cases, we weren't necessarily looking to adopt anyone, but were open to the idea, and once I had picked them up and they wrapped their little paws around my arm, I couldn't imagine putting them back down and leaving without them.

They've brought so much happiness and laughter into our home - I'm forever thankful to the shelters that took care of them before we could find them. Fitz follows me wherever I go in the house and wants nothing more than to be nearby, and Saffron kept my husband from being depressed as we adopted her about a month before he lost his job. She was his companion during his days of being unemployed, and they are inseperable now. She sits at the door and looks out the window just waiting for him to pull into the driveway, and welcomes him home by baying and sniffing his hand to be petted.

I'm also particularly grateful that we found Saffron as we discovered lately that she has a few orthopedic issues that require some fairly expensive surgeries. Judging by the reaction of some people around us that think we're crazy for spending so much money on "just a dog", I can't imagine what would have happened if she had ended up with another family that would think of her as "just a dog" - she'd probably be right back in a shelter.

We love her and would never give her up or give up on her. She's worth more to us than a nice vacation. Same thing for Fitz. They love us, we love them, they love each other - all adding up to a very happy family. We wouldn't be complete without them!