2/19/13|Submitted by Chantel Ennis

Serenity's Story

My childhood consisted of a single dog we called Smokey. My love for dogs started here. He was an outdoor dog due to my mom's allergies. So naturally as I entered my adult life I wanted to start my little family with my husband by getting a dog. i wanted an indoor dog so badly ever since i could remember. When we finally got our own place and I had the freedom to get a dog I kept bugging my husband just about everyday to go get a dog but it never happened. So one Saturday I said that's it I don't care where we go we are looking for a dog. It was a Saturday afternoon and I called just about every shelter to see if they were opened....and just about every where was closed. I remembered that PetSmart always had adoptions on Saturday's so I started calling all sorts of PetSmart's all over the valley. Finally, one said they were still doing adoptions but they were only going to stay for 30 minutes and the place where it was at was 20 minutes away! I told my husband that we were going to rush and get there as fast as we could, I was determined! When we got there the pet adoptions were still running and they weren't even close to packing up their things. I was quite happy. As I started looking at my selections I actually passed up Serenity not noticing her because she was quietly laying down in her kennel. I asked the person in charge of adoptions to take out a few dogs and none of them seemed to match my energy level. I then asked her which dog she thought would be best for an apartment. She pointed to two dogs one of them was a long haired sheep dog that I knew my allergies couldn't handle and then there was Serenity. I looked at the lab and asked her if we could meet her. As she took her out of the kennel, Serenity calmly walked over to me and let me pet her face. She was the calmest dog and I knew she was just what I needed. It was basically love at first sight! I took a risk and decided to take her home not knowing much about her history (the adoption place only had her for a week). When we drove home she quietly sat in the back. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how calm she was. So we named her "Serenity" after the meaning of peace. I have got to say that she is the best choice I've made in my adult life. I have severe anxiety and she knows when I'm anxious or upset. She will come up to me and cuddle to make sure I'm okay. With more training I would love for her to be my therapy dog. I go to my high stress work environment everyday just to make sure that she will always have a home with me. She is worth that and much more!