12/11/12|Submitted by Abie

Shadow's Story

When I was little, we decided that my dog, Spanky, needed a friend. So, I went with my parents and one of my brothers to the animal shelter to pick out a dog. My brother was in love with this pug-mix, who was so adorable, but I knew would have an easy time being adopted. Instead, I gravitated toward this wire-y haired and very quiet pup. It was her last day at the pound, and I knew that if we didn't take her home that day, she wouldn't have another chance. Somehow, I convinced my parents and brother that she should be Spanky's new companion. On the way home, we decided to name her Shadow.

As it turns out, the name fit her perfectly. She was overall a very quiet dog, and she loved my mom especially, following her through the house like her very own shadow. She was a very easy-going dog who brought our lives so much joy for many years. She lived well into old age, and I am so thankful that we brought her home and could give her the life she deserved. She had such a sweet disposition and was such a loving pup.

And if you look at this photo of her, you will see her doing her very favorite thing: being a mountain goat on top of the couch, looking out the window.