8/11/13|Submitted by Ted

Stanley's Story

I rescued a cross labrador\setter back in the late 1990's from the RSPCA when I was a student and he was 11 months old. I called him Stanley. He'd been given up because he was too boisterous. He was nuts to start with! I spent 6 months training him and it was hard work.

But I took him everywhere I could. We went on long walks (15+ milers) every weekend into the countryside and I took him on cycle paths where he ran free beside me on my bike. He was there with me after every new "first day" at a new job, when I met my fiancée and got married, when I started and then finished my further studies, he shared the joy of my first children, and helped me when I suffered loss. He shared my bad days and made them better and he was part of every good day.

As he got older I spent thousands on knee operations and lump removals and tablets. He was with me for 16 years until 2012 when I had to make that trip to the vet and let him go.

He enriched my life like nothing you can imagine. I will remember him and our adventures, always. If you can offer a rescued dog a loving home and give him half the life I gave to Stanley, I will consider him (and you) blessed indeed.