7/3/13|Submitted by Becky Shelton

Stella's Story

I was a foster mom for Austin Pets Alive and had taken Stella in as a foster dog. She was on the table to be euthanized at San Antonio Animal Control as she was delivering the last of her babies. APA contacted me asking me if I could foster her because they had to have foster homes set up before they took the rescues in. I said I would gladly take her in and brought Stella and here then 7 brand new babies home. Stella weighed in at 5 pounds after delivering these babies and did not have any energy or milk to take care of them. My daughter and I fed the babies every hour on the hour and unfortunately lost two as they were to weak with the conditions they were born into. When Stella needed to go out to potty I would have to carry her and when I would set her down she would shake herself and most times fall over from weakness. I would take her out on the porch and just her and I would sit and talk and she never left my side. Once she started walking with me she would only go short distances and would never raise her tail or wag her tail. I had never seen a dog so depressed as she was. She slowly gained weight and ten days after coming into my home surprisingly started producing milk for her five babies (Zeus, Apollo, Archamedes, Thor and GG). The rescued feared that she had contracted distemper because she was a stray and San Antonio area was full of dogs with distemper so I had to watch her very closely but no signs showed up luckily. Every day she started gaining her confidence and happiness back and before I knew it she was flying around with my other dogs and playing and happy. Once the puppies were weaned and adopted I just could not part with Stella. Her and I had formed a fast friendship. She is now happy , healthy and beautiful. I am glad she came into my life and I am glad that I could help her regain her happiness.