8/21/13|Submitted by Pat Magilton

Stella's Story

I had lost my chocolate lab due to a tumor that burst and she was bleeding internally and did not make it through the night...it was quick. That was July 26, 2012. I was determined to get another dog because they are the best company anyone can have.

On August 15, 2012, accompanied by a volunteer Megan, we went to the Phia. SPCA to look at some of the available dogs who were just so anxious to get out. Well, out came a yellow lab then named Honey who was overweight and when they brought her out, she sat in a puddle of water I guess to cool off since it was August. She won my heart.

We had her tested to make sure she got along with other animals; my son brought his pitbull, Samson, who is also a rescued dog, and they didn't mind each other at all. She was also tested to see if she got along with cats and that too was great; she could care less.

Needless to say, she is such a joy to have; she greets me when I come home; always a happy dog and loves to lay outside. I am so glad I got her and I would always recommend a shelter animal over a breeder or pet store.

I have many pictures of her, but I can't download them at the present time because they are on a phone that does not have the internet, but I hope to post one soon. I will also encourage anyone I know to adopt; don't purchase!!!