5/6/14|Submitted by Larry Steffes

Teddy & Jaxx's Story

Our two current dog/children, Teddy & Jaxx were adopted from Arizona Poodle Rescue. We were blessed with Teddy (a Standard Poodle) nearly 10 years ago.

His original owner purchased him in California as a Christmas present for his parents. Unfortunately they did not want such a large dog and he was donated to APR. We have had Standard Poodles for nearly 40 years and he is one of the best!

At 10 years old Teddy is still an active and vibrant member of the family and will be missed when he makes the (eventual) transition to the afterlife. His boon companion, Jaxx (a Poodle/Lab mix) came to us about 5 years ago - another wonderful acquisition from APR. He is the product of a broken home and is now Teddy's constant companion.

They are unrelated but are more like brothers than any of our other dog/children.

Words cannot fully express my thanks for the wonderful people at Arizona Poodle Rescue and the work they do. Any new additions to our family will also be rescue dogs.