8/29/15|Submitted by Sally

Thrown away dogs's Story has a long long title

I don't really have a fantastic story. I have adopted from shelters a few times but I really wanted to tell about all the strays we loved and took care of when I was a kid growing up. Atleast once a month a stray would show up at our house that someone just threw away on the side of the road. I can't think of a one that didn't wag his tail and show us how happy they were that we feed them and took them in and gave them a home. I know at times we had 7 or 8 dogs in our big yard. We never turned one away. Those times were the happiest because all I knew was I loved animals and they needed someone to love them and they could love back. I think that's why kids and dogs go so well together because they are both so innocent and trusting of each other. We learn how to treat animals and other people from the people around us. If we don't teach our kids to love and care for Gods creatures, they're going to treat people the same way.