2/17/15|Submitted by Peta

Toby's Story

We were on the way to the pound one day and I struggle every time I go there because I just want to adopt all the animals because I know the hard truth. There was one dog in a cage further away than the other and he was going to be put down. As I approach him he was whimpering in the back corner. I called him over as I start to do this the person who worked at the pound said he has been too abused and abandoned by the previous owner come look over here. I refused and Toby came closer toward me and the guy was shocked . Without hesitation I said I'll take him. And as I asked what had happened I was saddened to hear that they locked him in a cupboard for days and extremely malnurished and tufts of hair had been riped off. I took him home that day and it took about 6-12 months before he could trust other people but he became my best friend he turned into a loyal friendly loveable dog and welcomed new people after a while. Every afternoon like clockwork he had his lead ready at the top of the driveway to greet me and go for. Walk. Toby was about 2 when I got him and he lived a ripe old age at 17. RIP my best friend xxxx Please don't ever misread or underestimate the spirit of animals he will always be in my heart. 🐶