1/31/14|Submitted by Lynne

Trey's Story

We were shopping one holiday season and saw a poster at a local store with pictures and stories of animals available for adoption. One of the stories caught our attention because the dog was an amputee. He had lost a back leg due to some accident and his previous owners didn't want him. My boyfriend had had a dog that had to have a leg amputated due to cancer and he said they can adapt and do fine and that this dog needed someone who would give him a chance and most people would shy away from him because he was listed as "special needs."

He called the shelter the next day and went to bring him home for a "trial night." We have cats and wanted to make sure everyone would get along. I work night shift so I was sleeping when they arrived.

Trey came in the house and started down the hall just as one of my old cats started down the other end. They looked at each other for a moment and then Trey backed down the hall and sat off to the side to let the cat pass. Then he ran down the hall and jumped up onto the bed with me. He has been in our home and our hearts ever since.

After a couple of months of playing and running around he was able to build up his muscles and you wouldn't know the difference. People who come over and see him playing can not believe how he can run and play so much with only the one back leg. He is an inspiration and a joy and I am thankful that he found us.